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News from the members areaThe bulletin board currently contains 1111 entries. The last topics were

   18.09.2017 Suche CHICAGO Schreibmaschine (new)
   18.09.2017 Domain: (new)
   17.09.2017 Farbbandspule für BarLock 12/14 gesucht (new)

The calculator encyclopedia currently contains 1811 entries. The latest are

   09.09.2017 Gauss (s. auch Mercedes), Chr. Hamann, Friedenau-Berlin (D)
   08.09.2017 Mercedes Euklid Mod. I, Mercedes Bureau-Masch.-Gesell
   07.08.2017 Thales M (3.), Thales Werke

The typewriter encyclopedia currently contains 143 entries. The latest are

   11.09.2017 TIP TIP , Ing. Franz Hübl
   08.08.2017 GLOBE , Wilkinson Sword (Lizenz nach American Typewriter Co, New York)
   10.07.2017 GERMANIA Modelle 2, 3, 5, 10, 1. H&A Scheffer (Sundern), 2. Schreibmaschinenfabrik Sundern, 3. Schreibmaschinenfabrik W.Elschner (Berlin)

Historische Bürowelt No. 109 / September 2017

This issue contains

  • Franz Hübl, his typewriter "Tip Tip" and adding machine "Addisubtra"
  • Contributions to the secret cooperation of the GDR and FRG in the field of typewriters
  • Monos, Gauß und Omiag - small companies in Brungsviga's wake
  • The repair workshop of Hans-Jürgen Denker in Blumenthal near Kiel
  • The latest from 1968: Data transmission by telephone (acoustic coupler)
  • The Butec AG - or like Japanese typewriters came to Switzerland
  • Old office - revived after 90 years
  • Use of planimeters in the office

Martin Reese

New: HBw-Aktuell 09/2017 (member area)

In this issue (among others):

  • The historic office technology page: the Soyuz Arithmometer
  • News from around the world
  • Opening of Swiss typewriter exhibit at the Partschins typewriter museum
  • Treasure hunters find a "Hitler mill" cipher device
and, as usual: advertisements, market reflections, this & that ...

Peter Muckermann

Historische Bürowelt No. 108 / July 2017

This issue contains

  • The SIEMAG Saldoquick: a combination of a typewriter and an adding machine
  • My personal RIS-IK-O
  • New documents and pictures about Peter Mitterhofer
  • More than a reproduction? The "Mitterhofer typewriter" hybrid model at the TU Dresden
    (with English translation in the members area)
  • The Millionaire No. 10
  • Brunsviga MD - not an extended Brunsviga M
  • New insights into the old office: the year 1907
  • Newspaper review
  • Book review: Kienzle - A German industrial company in the 20th century
  • "Calculated!" - Opening of a special exhibition in Glashütte/Saxonia

Martin Reese

New: HBw-Aktuell 07+08/2017 (member area)

In this issue (among others):

  • The historic office technology page: the Moya No. 1 typewriter
  • special exhibit: "Meeting Erika again:
    The legendary typewriter from Saxony"
  • Repairing Alpina URM #002860
  • SHBS meeting in Bauma
  • "Historische Bürowelt" for the University of Basel
  • Typewriter Museum in Bibern, Switzerland
  • Northern Collectors’ Meeting in Hamburg-Braak
and, as usual: advertisements, market reflections, this & that ...

Peter Muckermann

"Calculated! The History of Glashütte Calculating Machines"

New Special Exhibition in the German Watch Museum Glashütte.

The foundation "German Watch Museum Glashütte - Nicolas G. Hayek" and the Arithmeum of the Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn present in their jointly curated exhibition the history of mechanical calculating machines in Glashütte.

The historical exhibition in the Watch Museum imparts and presents the function and the development of the mechanical calculating machines in a multimedia and interactive way. Apart from historical documents, photographs and items the visitors can experience the art of mechanical calculating on a machine on their own.

From June 9 to November 12, 2017, the special exhibition in the German Watch Museum Glashütte is open daily from 10am to 5pm. A comprehensive program with lectures, guided tours and holiday programs accompanies the special exhibition and provides an insight into the secrets of the mechanical calculating.

More information about this specal exhibition are available > here <

Pictures: (C) Foundation German Watch Museum Glashütte, René Gaen

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